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Safely reopen your office


Employees worldwide are waiting to return to the office. However, they can't come back all at once. You need a back to the office strategy after Corona. Mapiq’s Office Shifts enables large organizations to guide employees back to work safely, by coordinating who can come to the office, when, and where.

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Quickly adjust your office capacity
Avoid manual distribution lists
Get one clear overview
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Implemented within one week

How it works

Product sheet

1. Determine your office capacity

In the admin tool, you can define the right capacity for each building. This capacity will not be exceeded, and you can easily adjust it whenever you want. Not sure what your capacity should be? No worries, our Office Capacity Calculator with 98% accuracy can help you.

Set your office capacity

2. Assign matching priority profiles

Now it's time to manage who can come in when. Should some people have priority to be at the office? Easily assign them a matching access or location profile. These profiles allow different groups to book more shifts per week in specific zones and  priority to book their spot longer in advance.

access profiles

3. Employees now choose a shift

Via the user interface, employees can now schedule their days at the office.  With our new connections functionality, employees can now connect with each other and match their shifts in the office. After selecting the area they would like to work, they confirm their booking. 

Office shifts connections - Overview, select location, confirm

Enjoy spending time together again

Your workforce is now ready to go get back to the office. Employees keep their flexibility, you keep one clear overview of who's coming to the office, when and where. No more headaches, just a single-sign on application. 

1. Activity-based working is here to stay

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Why was Office Shifts developed?

During the Corona pandemic, we've interviewed our customers to find out what their biggest challenges were to see how we could help them. Coordinating the return to the office for  hundreds or thousands of employees was the main challenge for almost every crisis team. That's when we came up with Mapiq's Office Shifts, a solution that coordinates this. 

For who is the application made?

Organizations all over the world that have a significant amount of employees. Some organizations have only one building, others multiple to manage.  Our customers are well-known enterprises that feel the need to coordinate the occupancy of their shared workplaces. 

Is Office Shifts a web solution or a native app?

Office Shifts is initially available as a responsive web application.

How many buildings can I add?

You can add multiple buildings and define a different office capacity for each one of them. 

Can users book shifts in multiple buildings?

Yes. all users are allowed to book in every building.

How can I calculate a corona-proof office capacity?

Mapiq's Office Capacity Calculator can help you define the right capacity. This calculator is based on a social distance algorithm and has 98% accuracy. Find out more about the Office Capacity Calculator by filling in the contact form. 

Will Mapiq support the reservation of individual desks with this feature? 

No, but we do allow facility managers to define their own level of granularity in setting up capacity from whole-building level to individual work areas (that can be up to the level of a handful of individual desks).  

How many weeks in advance can people reserve a spot at the office?

Depending on the access profile that is given to each group, employees have the option to reserve up to 3 weeks in advance.

Is it possible to use the data from Office Shifts for an access control system?

Management is able to download a list of all people that are checked in for that day. If your access control system allows this, the list could potentially be used to feed as a csv. file



Can you combine Office Shifts with sensor data?

Yes, this is possible. Office Shifts is part of our 'Back to the office portfolio'. This range of products includes the Occupancy Floor Finder, Mapiq's desk sensors and the Covid-19 Readiness Report. For more information regarding the value for your company please register your interest via the webform above. 

How long does it take to implement Office Shifts?

Usually up to one week. Office Shifts is a hardware-free, single sign on solution. Our customer success- and support team is there to help each customer get up and running.